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Lindsey Hearne

SuperStar Consultant


My Story

I Joined Scentsy in November 2018, I joined purely for the kit, fast forward to January 2020 and I am a Star Consultant with a team of 18 lovely friends xx

I had no real plans to become a consultant, I very much took my time and plodded along until February 2019, one of the school mums joined my team, that’s when I had what we call in the scentsy world ‘my light bulb moment’ ..... This is what I want to do!

I want to share Scentsy, I want to help my team members get the best start of their venture, I want to be inspiring and be inspired.. The school mum that joined my team, is now my friend! A very good friend and a friendship I am very grateful for!.

Scentsy is so much more than wax and warmers, it’s friendship, its feeling happy and it’s exciting.

The most cliche statement in the scentsy world ‘I wish I joined sooner!!!’ X

My Favourite Scents